Nomination Form for District Award

Nominate Scouters who have served Arrowmoon District youth above and beyond the call of duty. 


District Award of MeritDistrict Award of Merit is the highest award that can be given on a district level and is presented to the volunteer that demonstrates dedication to both the Scouting program as well as their community as a whole. This person will be recognized for their unselfish giving of time to their community and their pursuit for a better tomorrow.

Unit Leader Award of Merit: To encourage units to be strong and viable by attaining certain benchmarks characteristic of strong units; seven requirements must be met with nomination by the top youth leader if for a troop, crew, or ship; nomination is certified by the unit commissioner

Pioneer of the Year: Award given to an outstanding volunteer(s) that goes above and beyond his/her unit responsibilities, working on a district level to make positive changes within the Scouting community. This person brings new ideas to the table and helps move the district into the future and change the way our community sees Scouting. 

Arrowmoon Award is given to a volunteer who has successfully taken the reigns for one or more districtwide events or who has improved on an event from years past.  This person leads by example and makes every effort to help the district grow through successful events that attract more youth.  

Cubmaster of the Year is presented to a Cubmaster that has a proven track record of providing the best possible program for his/her pack. The pack should have a history of participating in district activities, such as day camp, cub fun days, popcorn sale, and Friends of Scouting. 

Scoutmaster of the Year is presented to a Scoutmaster that has a proven track record of providing the best possible program for his/her troop. The troop should have a history of participating in district activities, such as summer camp, camporee, popcorn sales, and Friends of Scouting. 

Extra Miler is given to someone in leadership that during the year has done something to go above and beyond their duties, to make the Scouting program better for your Scouts. 

Spark Plug Award is given to that special person in your unit that gives that spark to the unit that can make things happen.

Key Person Award is given to that one leader in your unit that seems to be the key to what is happening in the unit. (one per unit)



I am honored to nominate the following Scouter:

Type of Award

It is my pleasure to nominate this Scouter for the following award for exemplary service to the youth in Arrowmoon Districts. Note: Awards are not always given out in every category.


Previous Awards Earned

Has the nominee earned any previous awards (e.g., leader training awards/knots, Silver Beaver, Order of the Arrow awards, Distinguished Commissioner Service Awards, BSA awards) or attended any trainings (e.g., Wood Badge, Powder Horn, Philmont Training Center)?


Noteworthy Service

Describe service of exceptional character upon which this nomination is based, be specific. Include service to youth in Scouting and outside of Scouting. Provide specific examples.



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