Arrowmoon District Strategic Plan

This year's strategic plan contains a number of goals and objectives that will help to grow and mature the district. For more information, or to volunteer, please contact District Chair David Sweeney at


  1. Increase communication and coordination between the units, district and ultimately the council
    1. Update, simplify and enhance the district website - complete
    2. Commission a district website team to routinely update the website and answer questions from units - complete
    3. Create a self-service portal for email distribution lists - complete
    4. Create a database of MB counselors that is updated frequently and accessible by unit personnel
  2. Grow the  Charter Organization Relationship
    1. Host a Charter Organization luncheon in the fall, 2015
    2. Create a communication plan to reach out to CORs from the district level
    3. Assess unit/CO relationship via unit commissioners
  3. Assess the district calendar during the 2015 year and evaluate changes to district-wide events
    1. Create metrics for each district event
    2. Collect metrics and report on event success
    3. Survey district volunteers about district events
    4. Evaluate and adjust the district calendar for the 2016 scouting year
  4. Grow Scouting in the Brazos Valley
    1. Recoup the units we lost in 2014
    2. Plan and execute a successful spring recruitment drive
    3. Plan and execute a successful School Night in the fall